Network Security Measure

To protect this website and to ensure this service may be provided to all internet users, this website has taken the following security measures:

  • Utilization of network intrusion detection system to monitor the network traffic and capture any authorized attempt to upload, change or destroy website content.
  • Installation for Firewall to prevent any unauthorized intrusion, destruction or theft of the information in order to protect the website from any illegal access and protect the website users' rights.
  • Installation of anti-virus software. The system is scanned for virus periodically to provide a safe web browsing environment.
  • Drills of hacking attacks to the website on are held on an indefinite schedule is used to test the system recovery process in time of a real security breach and to provide a proper protection level.
  • Daily data backup makes copy of all the data to the redundant server everyday.
  • Acts in accordance to the suggestions provided by any notice from the system and software developers and takes proper action such as installation of latest security patches.
  • User Privacy Protection Measures

  • Please keep your password or any personal information from anyone's access. Do not provide any personal information, especially your password, to anyone else. After you finish online registration, email reading or any administrative functions, please remember to log out. If you are sharing a computer with anyone else or if you are using a public computer, please remember to shutdown the browser after you complete your tasks to prevent any other users of the computer to access your personal information, email or entering the administrative area of the website.
  • Revision of the Security Policy

  • To fulfill our objective of providing you the best network security, we will improve the security measures on our website to adapt to the technological advancement, revision of relative regulations and unforeseeable environmental changes. Any change to our security measures will be announced on our website immediately with bold headlines to capture your attentions.
  • Security Measures Q&A

  • If you have any questions concerning our network security measures, you are welcome to contact us at any time.