About CSBC

  • Founded back on November 7th in 1973, CSBC is the largest shipbuilding company in Taiwan. Our headquarters was established in Kaohsiung, with two shipyards in Keelung and Kaohsiung. In addition, there is an office in Taipei ,to serve our customers and shipowners. We could offer varieties of products and services ,such as the constructions of merchant ships, naval vessels, official ships, and commercial services, large steel structures , machinery manufacturing ,offshore engineering manufacturing, assembly, transportation, hoisting, commercial and other core business projects.
  • Our global market includes Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. We always keep in good business relationship with shipowners and customers, earning recognition for excellent quality of products and technology.
  • The operating status in current stage is positioned in three main categories, for the technology of merchant shipbuilding and maintenance ,the manufacturing and maintenance of naval ship and official ship, thus the offshore wind power business. To provide strong support for the development of Commercial Vessels Construction and Repair, Special Vessels & Military Vessels Construction and Repair, Offshore Industry & Land-based Machinery and make contribution to Taiwan economy. Therefore, in the future , we will move toward to be a pilot in ocean.
  • We pursue sustainable management, promoting corporation governance and achieving company's social responsibility with the main idea of“Inheriting the Shipbuilding, Protecting the Ocean”.